The Family Survival Course Review

The Family Survival Course eBook Simply putting it that we do live in dangerous times would be an understatement. With all that temptations that we can now find everywhere, there are hard control our eyes what to watch, along with endless flood of all kinds of threats around; murder, stealing, drug dealing and most important lack of respect for each other. As much as a government may promise its citizens a high level of security against such events, believe me too much contribution must come from you as an individual in the end.

More so there are certain dangerous events which are above our control such as earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, which can only be avoided through learning how to act in such situations, know at least basics of self defense and most important taking the right precautions to do everything possible to avoid this risks. There are also long term issues associated with the kind of diets we partake every day, just remember the common saying, ‘you are what you eat’.

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Free Survival Ebooks

We live in time, when economic recession strike at every level no matter who you are and what you done before. Now everyone from us can pick out countless examples of things that just get worse week after week, day after day. Stock market crashes, financial bubbles, various currency crisis and sovereign defaults unfortunately are often “visitors” in everyday news. Salaries and job opportunities disappear because of bad economy, people are forced to cut expenses on all possible ways and think twice before spend money on anything, including basic needs like food, transportation, communications, safety. No mater if you have job, are you really sure that you still have same job after month or two?

None from us are 100% safe, no matter where you live and what are you doing in your everyday life. Although with proper skills, supplies and a bit of luck you can survive almost any disaster. Without proper knowledge on subject most likely you spend your budget on things that you really do not need, act wrong and mess up everything. Do not think that when disaster strikes you can survive on plain luck, this is totally wrong and this is how think people who die on first wave, do not be one of these! Learn, prepare and teach your family members survival skills, this is our duty, do not relay on other! Only what you really know and have matters, nothing else.

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MRE Shelf Life

Being a most popular choice for military forces around the globe, MRE or Meals Ready to Eat become one of the favorite survival food supply for disaster preparedness and emergency response agencies. Currently all army units of developed countries are supplied with this type rations, proving that this is a good choice for extreme conditions. Designed as all in one field ration solution for situations when regular food supplies are limited, from 1981 when Meals Ready To eat rations first time are issued to troops as replacements of earlier issued “Meal, Combat, Individual ration” packs, this rations menu contents constantly changes every year. If in first ration pack only 13 menus are included, today there 24 different choices so almost everyone can find out suitable, also vegetarians as from 1996 vegetarian only meals are included too.

Have high calories and sodium count, these meals are generally designed for combat and other stress situations when more the usually calories are needed to supply body with additional energy and sodium which are lost via excessive sweating during action thus making MRE good addition to your bug out bag or emergency food storage shelf. If you have access to military surplus store check for possible menu choices, more likely you have some preferred meals so if there are possibility to make combination of what you really like, this would be really great as in emergency situation or anytime when you want to use your MRE, eating something that you do not want not anyhow make your life easier.

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Survival Candle

Good ol’ time proven candle is a true multi purpose item in your survival kit. Keep several candles in your survival gear bug out bag do not overweight your gear, but can play key role in various situations. With just one tea candle and poncho you can heat up yourself in cold and windy weather, candle with additional citronella aroma can help you get rid of nasty mosquito in summer, you can use candles for light, cooking and water boiling, signaling, fire starting – just about everything where fire, heat or light is required. No wonder why they are included into all survival kit checklists, including kits designed for military and search and rescue personnel.

Nowdays, most of candles are made from paraffin, instead beeswax, although soy, tallow and other wax like substances sometimes are used for candle production. Dedicated for “survival cases” candles often are packed into metal tins and have two or more wicks if you require more heat and light for example emergency cooking. Manufacturer rated by various burn time you have plenty of different choices around so if you still think about need or not this type of survival gear in your go bag, it’s strongly suggested have at least several as reserve.

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Emergency Water Filter

If your emergency supplies shelf still lack of water, act now and fulfill your water supplies as soon as possible, storage containers are cheap and make them full right now cost you almost nothing, but in case of disaster you found that even several sips of clear water often worth more then all world treasures together. Today shortages of water supply are very common even in places where just several years ago none would ever think about it and nothing will change this in near future. Free access to clear water become more likely and extra even to average well situated family, if you live in city or town, do you remember how much you must pay for water ten years ago and now? Prices are increased and this is just a beginning.

Your body deserve clean water for functionality and well being every day, 24/7. It would be good idea time by time check your current water supply too. We never know, what if in past years someone has utilized dangerous chemicals or biologically active waste near your home water source? Even in “clear water” you can find wide range of dangerous substances which on long run can make serious damage to your health. Of course, if you find something wrong with your water, you can setup various choices of water filters, with a little effort, you can set up suitable filter for reasonable money, which are useful to cleaning harmful bacteria, chemical contamination, unpleasant odors and tastes from your water. But what if you camping outdoor or try what worse experience emergency situation? For camping purposes or emergency water filtration in general you have four choices of water purification – boil water, chemically process your water with iodine or chlorine, expose to UV light radiation or process your water trough water filters. If you are unsure about your water, to avoid waterborne illness better combine this methods together for more secure purification.

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Survival Bracelet Instructions

Parachute cord or paracord become very popular as rugged all around usage rope for various field uses by civilian and military personnel around the globe. Originally used at World War II as suspension lines for US Airborne parachutes, due multifunctional nature this type of rope was used anywhere where light cord is needed. Six different types of paracord are produced with minimum breaking strength from 95 lb (43 kg) and up to 750 lb (340 kg), although most popular choice was mils-pec MIL-C-5040H Type III (also called “550 cord” in regard to breaking strength) parachute cord due excellent breaking strength capabilities – 550 lb (249 kg) and successful design which allow in case of thin thread is needed, disassemble outer core (200 lb rated) and get access to 7 thinner threads, each of them rated at 50 lb breaking strength.

This cord is very good option for every survival or emergency kit as provide endless choices of end uses. Go camping and check by yourself that every outdoor trip require tens of various size tasks where rugged rope is a must in your backpack – secure and tying gear or tent, field gear repairs or even use it for fishing or hunting snares are just a few from the list. Due wide spread popularity, many multi purpose items like bracelets, belts and lanyards and even whips are made from paracord.

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Freeze Dried Food Review

Everyone, who ever think about extra long storage food for very own emergency food depot find out that canned food, various high energy food bars and meals ready to eat often has only five years of shelf life which force plan your food rotation scheme to consume stored food before expiration date. This is not a problem with proper food storage and rotation plan and not only give you some kind of food insurance in case of disaster, but also can save a lot of money each year as nothing in our world become cheaper, compare last year prices for your favorite stuff with how many you must spend today.

But what if you looking to store some extra long storage life food for your remote hideout, outdoor hunter house or just want some kind of untouchable last ditch food reserve? This is possible, thanks to technology developed long ago at World War 2 for stable serum storage without refrigeration – freeze drying. Freeze drying is four stage technological process with pretreatment, freezing, primary and secondary drying. After all stages are completed, final product have less then few percents of water. Sealed into vacuum bags or other hermetic storage containers, freeze dried food at good conditions, which mean just cool, dark and dry place, have at least 25 years shelf life.

Dried by this method products has less damage and almost not any shrinkage or toughening compared to other drying methods which use higher temperatures, additionally almost all nutrients, smells and flavors are leaved untouched making freeze drying method very popular for preparing long storage food. To rehydrate freeze dried product, you need only humidify meal with appropriate water amount, that’s all – your dish is ready to eat.

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72 Hour Survival Kits Review

Keep your own 72 hour survival kit ready in case of emergency is recommended by all emergency management agencies like FEMA, National Security, Fire Departments and other authorities in charge of public safety. At this moment you have enough food in your fridge, power for your electronic gadgets and light, clear water to drink and enough water to take bath, like millions of other people around you with all this comfortable modern life opportunities, but are you ready in case disaster strike? If you ever experienced blackout or shortages of essential supplies like food or water due natural or man made disaster, you know that recommendations have at least basic supplies are very important for you and your household. Everything can change just tomorrow, storm with high winds, earthquake, unexpected snowfalls or even heat wave can hit your household and throw havoc and uncertainty to expected “because they are always here” necessary supplies chain. Do you have enough supplies to feed you and your family? How long? Day or even less?

After you find out that your old survival food kit shelf life has expired or like most of today “regular” people you do not have any kind of emergency supplies, but decide move away from “we die at first wave” crowd, one of the first thing you think about are various choices of pre-made survival kits. This is a good way to start your preparation to survive as it require only choose already composed supplies kit which you think fit your needs best. Of course you can make good emergency food and other supplies list by yourself, but this can be time consuming and require additional planing. So if you looking for quick ready “grab and go” 72 hour survival kit solution for your car, boat or bugout bag, pre-made survival kit can be a good choice to go as it’s better have some items that you not really need, then don’t have anything.

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Winter Survival Recipes

You will never know when your winter car voyage to your friends, ice fishing, skiing or just one day outdoor wilderness trip can go wrong due various reasons and in some moments from just having fun you may face tough winter survival situation. Being exposed for harsh sub zero winter temperatures can radically decrease chances to survive if you do not know what to do or start panicking, hypothermia is a “merciful killer” number one (people who die from hypothermia fall asleep feeling themselves sleepy and false warm when body temperature actually go colder and colder) which depending on how low is temperature can take your life away in less the hour. Yes, this is scary, but there are a lot of people around who live almost all year long in sub zero temperatures and do their jobs and have fun without any doubts about their survival ability. Are they somehow different from us? Definitely no! They just know right winter live and survival recipes and follow it every day.

Winter survival recipes are simple to follow and anyone should know them as you never know when disaster strikes, as you more likely know previous years our climate changes even in territories, where none should expect not only sub zero temperatures, but also thing like snow. Read and remember main winter survival recipes and talk about this recipes with your family, friends and co-workers, possibly that in emergency situation they remember your hints and that information save their life.

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Survival Gear Checklist

To complete useful survival gear checklist, in first you must answer yourself several simple questions, first and most important where and in what emergency situation you use your survival gear? Is it survival kit for your car, for your boat, bug out bag or simple small packet with EDC (Every Day Carry) items in case of emergency? Any way you use your kit, there are some basics which you should know to put in really important things, but not “useful trash” which in first eye sight looks like real deal.

Customized survival gear kit for each important location is preferred, with duplicate items you can be sure that you have backup option anytime, but invest into useful and quality stuff cost you plenty of cash, so good option for anyone who count their expenses is made modular survival gear checklist and when you are in your car, boat, plane or own foot at wilderness camping trip, all your current gear has only right items included. We can talk endless hours about quality and price / performance ratio, but in general, one thing which an fit you, other may find unsuitable, so each of us must decide by yourself, what from this various choices fit your needs.

When I choose gear for my needs, I try to find out all possible information on it, to be sure that I do not miss any important nuance, after I choose and get equipment I test them on lifelike situations in my camping / hunting / fishing trips, so I can be sure that in emergency situations I know what to do and how it works. Don’t relay just on “backyard test”, grab your gear and go outside, you have great fun outdoors and compared to many “sofa survivalists” have real experience without extreme stress when disaster strikes.

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