Earthquake Kit Checklist

If you live in seismic active place, have plan and know what to do and be prepared before earthquake strike is important to reduce damages made by this unavoidable and often unexpected natural disaster. Good checklist with clearly understandable things to do can reduce panic and allow prepared person act quickly in this unusual situation, when reaction speed often means saving life, health and material valuables for you and your family members.

In first everyone must know basics, how to deal in case of earthquake, like most safe places to hide when you are at home or outdoors. It’s a good practice talk with family members about safe places to avoid searching when you need it in seconds, everyone should know where to go when he or she is in kitchen, in bathroom in living room and so on, don’t think this must be fully automatic. Some good choices to hide indoors are under rugged and sturdy furniture, stay beside corner or solid inside wall and remember avoid windows in any possible ways! Broken glass with thousands sharp as knife splinters is one of the biggest threats even in light shaking, when other objects remain in their places, so stay away from anything which can be broken to glass splinters. If you are outdoors, try stay on open are, far way any power lines, trees, bridges and buildings. If You are in vehicle, stop it and stay inside. Discuss with your family where do you meet and what to do in case one of them are out of home at impact time. Always be ready for aftershocks! This is what always make additional high loses which can be avoided in most cases.

After shaking, stay calm and carefully check your surroundings, look for possible hazards by unstable objects, open electrical wires, broken glass, weakened building constructions and so on, if there are any possible concerns about leaks, close water, electric valves, check yourself for possible injuries. Again, be ready for aftershocks! If there are any objects which can fall and injury you in aftershocks, go away as soon as possible. Know possible places where you can go in case your own house become uninhabitable due damage, leaving visible message with information to people who can search for you is a must in such case.

Have good earthquake kit checklist for each family member with items and instructions needed to stay safe first 74 hours after earthquake impact. Do not relay on “one bag for all” strategy as in emergency situation you can be suddenly separated or simply you can lost all your family gear at once, so duplicate backup gear for each family member is a must. Take a note that for warm climate your earthquake kit checklist must contain more water and for colder some extra layer of warm clothes.

Basic earthquake survival kit contains list of emergency supplies like:

First aid kit
Medical treatments for blood stooping and just general medicine supplies. If anyone from your family struggle in needs for some specialized medicine supplies, place set of needed remedies in each of your bug out go bags, in case normal supply chain is interrupted for some time.

High calorie, compact packaging so you can take more, with extended shelf life, must can be used cooked and uncooked, include sweets and other high energy food.

3 gallons per person, in hot climates add some extra, consider keeping big bulk container with water in your backyard or other near place just in case of fire or if regular water supply become damaged after impact.

Sleeping gear and extra clothes
Good sleeping bag with sleeping mat (no inflated), lightweight tent, mosquito net if required and extra layer of warm clothes, including warm cap – remember, about 80% of body heath leave human via their head.

Light and radio
Led lights are cheap enough this days to keep at least two types of them in your bug out go bag. Have one regular flashlight and one headlamp to keep your hands free for various tasks. Throw in some chem lights in various colors too, they can be useful to mark some spot or as additional signaling device. Have some small radio or radio scanner for extended receiving features. Spare batteries with extended storage time like lithium based (10+ years in good storage conditions) is a must. Tea candles are cheap and can last forever, can be used as heat source and for food heating.

Fixed blade knife, multitol, portable axe and isolated from electricity crowbar. All this tools do not take more room in your bag but can be really useful in case of emergency.

Fire starting
Matches, lighters and flint-steel, everything individually sealed in waterproof packaging, so you have good source of emergency fire starting tools.

Maps, documents, photos
Have fresh family photos on each emergency go bag, local and regional maps with predefined marks which include important buildings like administrative buildings, hospitals, markets, police and firefighting stations, find and write phone numbers at each spot in case ground or mobile phone lines still work, you can quickly contact needed service. Have scanned and if possible copies of all important documents like passports, insurances and so on, write scanned copies into CD and flash drive.

Protective gear
If you live near (or in the way of key winds) dangerous chemicals storage or handling place, military bases or radioactive materials storage, anything that can leak dangerous elements, gas mask with appropriate filters or at least several sets of specialized face masks with protective eye-wear is a must. Have thick leather or protective synthetic gloves.

Various items
Duct tape, rope (paracord preferred), large plastic bags, several pairs of vinyl gloves, toilet paper and some basic hygiene set would be really useful.

And remember, don’t panic! Panic is a one of the main killers in emergency situations, everything has a solution if you think cool-headed.

Be safe and stay prepared!

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