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If your emergency supplies shelf still lack of water, act now and fulfill your water supplies as soon as possible, storage containers are cheap and make them full right now cost you almost nothing, but in case of disaster you found that even several sips of clear water often worth more then all world treasures together. Today shortages of water supply are very common even in places where just several years ago none would ever think about it and nothing will change this in near future. Free access to clear water become more likely and extra even to average well situated family, if you live in city or town, do you remember how much you must pay for water ten years ago and now? Prices are increased and this is just a beginning.

Your body deserve clean water for functionality and well being every day, 24/7. It would be good idea time by time check your current water supply too. We never know, what if in past years someone has utilized dangerous chemicals or biologically active waste near your home water source? Even in “clear water” you can find wide range of dangerous substances which on long run can make serious damage to your health. Of course, if you find something wrong with your water, you can setup various choices of water filters, with a little effort, you can set up suitable filter for reasonable money, which are useful to cleaning harmful bacteria, chemical contamination, unpleasant odors and tastes from your water. But what if you camping outdoor or try what worse experience emergency situation? For camping purposes or emergency water filtration in general you have four choices of water purification – boil water, chemically process your water with iodine or chlorine, expose to UV light radiation or process your water trough water filters. If you are unsure about your water, to avoid waterborne illness better combine this methods together for more secure purification.

Water Purification by Boiling
One of the oldest methods of emergency water purification – rapidly boil your water for about 10 minutes and then filter trough some kind simple filter like cloth or paper towel to remove possible dirt. Although you still have microorganisms and bacterias in your water, they are made inactive by high temperature. If you need large amounts this can be time consuming, but in same time one of the most cheapest ways to decontaminate water.

Water purification by Chemicals
Two types of chemicals are generally used for water treatment iodine and chlorine. Due several possible contraindications when iodine is used as treatment, chlorine is most favorite choice for municipal water processing plants. For effective treatment, water should be mechanically cleared from large dirt with some kind of mechanical filter and if possible heated up till 60 Farenheit (15 C°), in this case after 30 minutes you are able drink your purified water. Unfortunately chemical treatment leave some notable change in water taste, but if you do not have other choices at emergency situation, this is definitely better then nothing. Based on chlorine Aquatabs is one of the most popular water cleaning pills on market with shelf life of 5 years this should be a must have item in any survival kit.

Water purification by UV light
Processing water with Ultra Violet light radiation sterilizes water making bacteria and micro organisms inactive without altering final taste of water, less then minute is required to disinfect amount equal liter (33.8 Ounces) of water. There are stationary UV devices for your home and portable UV purification devices like SteriPEN, well known in backpacker and other outdoor enthusiasts communities. To get most out of your UV purifier, water should be clear as possible from foreign elements and mud, so additional filtration from dirt is required.

Emergency water filters
Although emergency water filters tend to be more expensive then designed for general household use, they higher price compensate effective filtering from as most as 99.9% of various microorganisms, bacterias and other impurities which made this type of filters very handy at camping trip or disaster / crisis situation. Most of today advanced emergency water filters are based on ceramic micropore filtering design with hard to beat resource, compared to other filtering methods. Several design emergency water filters are available for sale, ones that require pumping water trough filtration system and other that use gravity to flow water trough filter. Pump based purification systems are often more compact and companies like MSR and Katadyn make wide variety of different purpose models, from individual survival filters till expedition size team water supply.

But if you are trapped outdoors without sufficient clear water supply or lost your gear including favorite water filter / water sterilization device? In such case boiling and self made emergency water filter is a way to go. Avoid drink directly to stay away from waterborne illness bacterias which can easily kick out you for a days of serious illness with high temperature, diarrhea and vomiting, but also in worst case lead to long and painful death if you are unlucky enough (rarely in not REALLY contaminated areas, but who wants to check, right?). So in first step clean your water with DIY emergency filter, then boil and more likely you are safe from possible problems with contaminated water.

Check below for some tube videos with survival water filter ideas:

Survival Water Filter From Bottle:

Simple and effective DIY survival water filter from plastic bottle, handful of grass, sand and charcoal from fireplace. Very handy for first stage filtration from muddy water. If you have really dirty water, several repeating steps or even two such filters – first for general cleaning from mud and second for more comprehensive filtration may be required. Boiling is required after this filtration stage.

Home Made Water Filter System:

How to build self made charcoal based stationary water purification system for your home or outdoor camp for less then $30. Step by step instructions.

Be safe and prepared!

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  1. Written by Rachael Gordon
    on March 7, 2013 at 4:04 pm
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    I wondered if you have heard of LIFESAVER? We produce products that enable nano filtration and do not use additives, chemicals, power, UV light, gravity and also can produce water quickly with a fast flow rate, not drip by drip.

    The LIFESAVER bottle is the World’s first and only water bottle to remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens.

    Would love for you to include this in your research as it doesnt require any of the processes above!

    Kind Regards

  2. Written by Richard Luth
    on September 24, 2013 at 9:56 pm
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    I would also like you to include us at Emergency-H2O in your review. We to have lots of products at a very reasonable price that will take care of you. Water filtration is our primary focus. We try hard to provide kits at a reasonable price so you can bve safe in the time to come. Richard

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