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We live in time, when economic recession strike at every level no matter who you are and what you done before. Now everyone from us can pick out countless examples of things that just get worse week after week, day after day. Stock market crashes, financial bubbles, various currency crisis and sovereign defaults unfortunately are often “visitors” in everyday news. Salaries and job opportunities disappear because of bad economy, people are forced to cut expenses on all possible ways and think twice before spend money on anything, including basic needs like food, transportation, communications, safety. No mater if you have job, are you really sure that you still have same job after month or two?

None from us are 100% safe, no matter where you live and what are you doing in your everyday life. Although with proper skills, supplies and a bit of luck you can survive almost any disaster. Without proper knowledge on subject most likely you spend your budget on things that you really do not need, act wrong and mess up everything. Do not think that when disaster strikes you can survive on plain luck, this is totally wrong and this is how think people who die on first wave, do not be one of these! Learn, prepare and teach your family members survival skills, this is our duty, do not relay on other! Only what you really know and have matters, nothing else.

This free survival ebooks are our share to survivalist community and everyone else who care about safety and well being. This ebooks cover general topics on survival and preparedness, dealing with stress on stressful situations, your own home preparation for cost and energy effective living, tips on economical freedom and surviving economical crisis. We know that every cent count in today bad economics and decide share this survival ebooks $0 priced for our readers. Know that we can help someone find out how to be prepared for disaster is simply great feeling!

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The Basic Survival Guide ebook covers almost all important survival topics like: steps to be prepared for various disasters, completing family disaster plan and building emergency strategies, building your own disaster kits, helping disabled persons, children and your pets in emergency situations, how to deal with extreme evacuation, how to create communications with your family, friends and neighborhoods, food and food storage, first aid, medicine and other topics on your and your family survival.

This ebook contain 64 pages of useful survival tips and answer most of general survival questions.


You will be really shocked to know that up to 25% of your home energy are simply wasted! Just count what amount of money you throw away each year and what you can do with this additional financial resources. If you ever looking for guide how to build energy efficient home or looking for additional tips, this ebook is definitely for you complete guide to home energy and cost saving – How To Make Your Home Energy And Cost Efficient ebook. Going step by step you find out how to determine current costs of your home energy efficiency, how to develop proper habits to save more without limiting your actual needs.

63 pages of energy saving information, including intro to alternative energy sources.


It is time when everyone has hit by current recession wave – massive layoffs, house owners mortgage defaults, inflation rate which burn out all income adjustments and make them worthless. But if we look back, throughout our history periods of economic growth and downfalls are normal lifespan of our world order. But how it can happen, that while most of the people struggle to live another day, another make profit? Ever wonder how? Recession Survival ebook is dedicated to help learn and find hidden jewels while other people can’s see any opportunities.

31 pages ebook with tips and info how to find hidden benefits of recession.


Do you know how to deal with potential harmful situations at your home, in your car or when you traveling? Are your home prepared for potential intrusion by criminals or do you know what to do in case of disaster? And your your loved ones? Safeguarding Your Family’s Health, Wealth and Happiness ebook, like title says deals with main subjects of your and your family safety and well being, covering topics on personal safety and home protection, how to avoid identity thief, your computer security, medicine and drugs, how to avoid classic scam schemes and bad investments.

103 pages ebook with eleven chapters on important survival topics.


Being a one of the oldest hunting and warfare tool with earliest known evidence of use 50’000 years ago, bow and arrow combo are still actual recreation, sport and hunting device even today, which bring excellent trophies to your home along with providing food and protection in emergency situation. Discover American natives experience to archery hunting and art of archery itself! This unique Hunting With the Bow and Arrow ebook contains step by step guides how to make bow, arrow and other archery equipment, how to hunt with them on various game animals. A must item into your survival books collection!

140 pages with archery and archery hunting texts along with illustrations.


If you ever try to find new job, you agree that this is not quick and fast task and often most wanted jobs with good salary and excellent opportunities just go over because anyone else take them before you. How to set you apart from other people? How to land into job position you really want? While rest of the people who looking for job just apply and then just expect that job is obtained, learn complex of steps how to prepare, act in job interview and finally successfully accomplish your job hunting. Achieve your job hunting success with Quick Start Job Guide ebook! From how to complete excellent resumes till tips on how to act in time of interview. Read, learn and get your perfect job!

Ebook with 50 pages of tips and tricks about perfect job hunting.


Get rid of seven most deadliest mistakes when looking for new job! As everyone know, it’s always better learn on other people mistakes, then on your own. 7 Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes ebook contain step by step guide to common mistakes and no-no’s which most of job seekers perform at job interviews. Learn what behavior you must avoid to in any ways, be smart and act right. Do not hope on plain luck like other people, complete your plan and get on top of most wanted job applicants. This ebook is good addition to Quick Start Job Guide to complete your possible job seeking needs.

15 pages ebook with pointed tips for any job seeker.


In every day life most of the people deal with various stresses, anxiety and just mood problems. If this emotions wear you out in your today tasks, what are you doing in emergency situation when everything go to hell? Are you ready to harsh challenges which disaster can bring into your life? Fix your mood and maintain your feelings with Stress Survival Super Strategies, by focusing your internal focus alignment on positive thoughts, you will get most of your life and do not loose hope and live further. You can’t avoid stress, but you can learn how to deal with them and take it to your survival abilities arsenal with this guide.

32 pages guide with simple and easy achievable steps how to deal with stress in your life.


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