Freeze Dried Food Review

Everyone, who ever think about extra long storage food for very own emergency food depot find out that canned food, various high energy food bars and meals ready to eat often has only five years of shelf life which force plan your food rotation scheme to consume stored food before expiration date. This is not a problem with proper food storage and rotation plan and not only give you some kind of food insurance in case of disaster, but also can save a lot of money each year as nothing in our world become cheaper, compare last year prices for your favorite stuff with how many you must spend today.

But what if you looking to store some extra long storage life food for your remote hideout, outdoor hunter house or just want some kind of untouchable last ditch food reserve? This is possible, thanks to technology developed long ago at World War 2 for stable serum storage without refrigeration – freeze drying. Freeze drying is four stage technological process with pretreatment, freezing, primary and secondary drying. After all stages are completed, final product have less then few percents of water. Sealed into vacuum bags or other hermetic storage containers, freeze dried food at good conditions, which mean just cool, dark and dry place, have at least 25 years shelf life.

Dried by this method products has less damage and almost not any shrinkage or toughening compared to other drying methods which use higher temperatures, additionally almost all nutrients, smells and flavors are leaved untouched making freeze drying method very popular for preparing long storage food. To rehydrate freeze dried product, you need only humidify meal with appropriate water amount, that’s all – your dish is ready to eat.


Today emergency food market offers various choices of freeze dried products, you can easily complete your favorite dishes in custom set or just buy packed and ready to store kit. Most popular choices of pre-made kits are 72 hour emergency food supply, one month supply kits and one year food supply along with individual dishes if you want stock up something special. Let’s review together four popular one month freeze dried food kits to compare and see what’s inside them.

60 Servings Packs Freeze Dried Food Kit by Wise Food, Entree Only, 1 Person, One Month Supply

Kit price: $99.00 – $109.00

This kit offer two servings with entries only to one adult person for one month or four adults as one week supply, individually sealed meals are packed into portable, waterproof and stack able bucket in case you want organize your long term storage food. If stored right, life span of this dried food kit can easily reach 25 years, so you have extended emergency food insurance. Total weight – 12 pounds.

60 Servings Freeze Dried Food Kit by Wise Food menu contains 8 servings of Savory Stroganoff, 8 servings of Chili Macaroni, four servings of Cheesy Lasagna, eight servings of Creamy Tomato Basil soup, 8 servings of Pasta Alfredo, eight servings of Teriyaki and Rice, eight servings of Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini and same amount of Creamy Ala King and Rice. Quite enough varieties of fast “just add water” meals. If you are able mix it up with other long storage meals like rice, beans, grain, pastas and so on, your daily meals have good variety that not become dull after week of use.

Wise Food also offer some sampler kits, so you can check each meal before buying whole set or complete your custom kit from meals you really like. One suggestion in this case, aim for variety, better include some meals extra you are not fan, but still found edible as tasty but monotone diet are simply boring.


56 Servings Packs Freeze Dried Food Kit by Wise Food, Breakfast and Entree, 1 Person, One Month Supply

Kit price: $99.00 – $109.00

Another choice from Wise Foods company, this kit instead of entree meals only, offer full set of breakfast and entree. Full set contains twelve servings of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal, eight servings of Crunchy Granola and eight servings of Apple Cinnamon Cereal in kit breakfast section and four servings of Cheesy Macaroni, four servings of Savory Stroganoff, four servings of Creamy Pasta and Veg. Rotini, four servings of Teriyaki and Rice, four servings of Cheesy Lasagna, four servings of Pasta Alfredo and four servings of Hearty Tortilla Soup in main entree section. Total weight – 11 pounds.

Each of Wise Food made meals are packed into nitrogen filled, airtight Mylar pouches designed for safe long term storage. Most of oxygen are removed from food during drying process and then replaced by nitrogen to made food more stable at storage time. To rehydrate any of the meal dishes, you need only cup of water. Any temperature water will work, but hot temperature can significantly speed up rehydrate process as stated in preparation instruction. Also note that “servings” in both of reviewed kits by Wise Food mean full dish, not only components, like in other manufacturers sets.


330 Servings Freeze Dried Food ARK Kit, by Chef’s Banquet, 1 Person, One Month Supply

Kit price: $103.00 – $111.00

The ARK or “All purpose Readiness Kit” manufactured by Chef’s Banquet has almost same philosophy as previously reviewed freeze dried food sets. All servings are packed into Mylar foil pouches which are easy to open and store, each pouch has oxygen absorber and are stored into handy and stack able 6.5 gallon plastic container. If stored in dry and cool place, this kit can be stock up for 15 years. Also notable remark about this set – this freeze dried food contains no dangerous additive – mono sodium glutamate or MSG (E621) and no high fructose corn syrup which decrease storage life, but leave original taste and are real deal who even in emergency situation or everyday life want consume food with less possible additives. Each kit are made to provide one person with 2100 calories / day nutrients for whole month.

Freeze dried meals included into one ARK kit: sixty servings of Oatmeal, 30 servings of Mixed Vegetables, 60 servings of Instant Potatoes, thirty servings of Macaroni & Cheese, thirty servings of Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew, 30 servings of Cheddar Broccoli Rice, thirty servings of Chicken Vegetable Stew and 60 servings of Hearty Potato Soup.

Although this kit has decreased storage life compared to other survival food kits, less additives can be a good argument to people who think about what they eat and 15 years are still plenty of time to think about slow food rotation at backpacker camping. hunting/fishing trips or other outdoor adventures where weight is critical and this type of food is a good portable choice for your backpack.


275 Servings Freeze Dried Food Kit, by Survival Food, 1 Person, One Month Supply

Kit price: $123.00 – $129.00

With up to twenty years of storage life if stored at 60° F (16.6° C) and ten years of shelf life if stored 70° F (21.1° C), this kit provide 275 servings of freeze dried food, each of serving 1200 calories value. In weather proof plastic bucket are included 55 pouches with 5 meal servings in each pouch. This is 100% vegetarian emergency food as there are not any kind of hydrogenated oils, added mono sodium glutamate or MSG (E621) or unhealthy trans fats. Like other freeze dried food this meals must be rehydrated by water, preferably boiling, to speed up rehydration process.

275 servings kit contents: 35 servings of Barley Vegetable Soup, 50 servings of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 25 servings of Cheesy Broccoli and Rice, 30 servings of Vegetable Rice, 35 servings of Creamy Potato Soup, 25 servings of Tuscan Butter Pasta, 25 servings of Italian Tomato Pasta, 50 servings of Whey Milk. Total weight – 23 pounds.

If you are vegetarian so far this is one of the choices to afford vegetarian emergency food, but take a note that 1200 calories can be not enough in cases of serious disaster situations when you are under prolonged stress and workout periods, so consider take additional same manufacturer set or look for some extra vegetarian food choices.

If you looking to build your very own safe harbor with additional food insurance, freeze dried food can be very handy to fulfill your extra long storage food cache shelf. And I bet that you agree, knowing that in any case you have food for at least month for each of your family members is one of essential key steps to survive in any man made or natural disasters.

Be prepared, stay safe!

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