Offshore Survival Course

In simple terms offshore areas mean high seas and deep oceanic places with hazardous working conditions like fast changing weather, long working day in remote places with reliance on helicopter traffic, dangerous ecosystem. Offshore crew typical work shift consists of two weeks schedule – 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, although 2 weeks on work and 3 weeks free is becoming very popular these days.

With weather conditions where frequent storms are high tides are normal, every worker or just visitor, no matter how long they plan their job or business on oil platform or other offshore construction in first must complete full offshore survival course and obtain the relevant safety and “offshore medical” certificates.

There are several well known companies that offer full offshore survival course training that is recognized by worldwide offshore workers contractors, almost all courses are mix of practical exercises and theoretical sessions to achieve proper education on important topics while working on offshore installations. Most popular courses are:

Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training – BOSIET
BOSIET course deals with every aspects needed to be know about possible emergency situations by the offshore workers. After the course workers are able efficiently respond to threats and perform the tasks needed in such situations. Course contains topics on general safety and survival at the sea, fire fighting and fire prevention tasks, helicopter safety and escape training, first aid training and how to deal with hypothermia. This course is also known as “Offshore Survival Certificate” or just “Offshore Survival Course”. Certificate is valid for 4 years, and usually lasting one day refreshing course can be completed to extend your old certificate, or 3 day in case current certificate is expired. Dedicated to tropical areas BOSIET (TBOSIET) has been developed. At TBOSIET course dangers specific to tropical seas are included into training. Before signing up for one, please note that BOSIET courses are very popular and expect at least some weeks waiting list, so count this time in.

Further Offshore Emergency Training – FOET
FOET course focus on extended training on emergencies situations at offshore helicopter flights, BOSIET course must be completed before applying to FOET. This course covers general helicopter safety drills, emergency landings, practical escape and helicopter abandonment techniques, personal emergency training, basic fire fighting techniques and basic first aid course.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training – HUET
The Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) course involve simulated on water landed helicopter sinking in special rotating helicopter simulation. While improvised crashed and sinking helicopter rotating, making training more lifelike realistic, students must be able fast identify possible main and secondary escape routes, learn how to stay safe from possible smoke inhalation and other skills like familiarization with helicopter safety equipment and possible emergency situations, how to deal with impact and safe impact positions.

Mutually Recognized Basic Safety Training
This course is recognized by Netherlands, Denmark, UK and Norway offshore companies and include theoretical and practical drills in wide topics of sea survival like fire fighting, first aid and self rescue, helicopter escape and helicopter safety along with general info on possible hazards when traveling to offshore objects.

Minimum Industry Safety Training – MIST
MIST or Minimum Industry Safety Training is designed for all workers of offshore installations, newbie or experienced which need refresh general knowledge on main industry safety topics like knowledge and practices on risks and assets while working in hazardous environment, safety observations systems, control of hazardous substances, personal responsibility and offshore risk assessment processes, aware of mechanical devices while working offshore.

UK & Norwegian Offshore Medicals
Have health standards at required level is very important to each offshore worker, so appropriate initial and regular medical reexamination is required. The frequency of reexamination depends on working tasks and worker age. Please note that different offshore companies may have different medical requirements. In case work is planned in UK waters, approved are only only physicians who are members of United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) Health Advisory Committee. Along with UK based companies same medical certificates are approved by Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) and Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF).

Helicopter Refueling
This course is dedicated to all offshore personnel personnel who are involved in the work routine with helicopter fuel on an offshore production platforms and installation. This course objectives are teaching right methods of testing, storing and dispensing helicopter fuel on refueling desk and include topics like general info on system functions, routine maintenance of refueling system, testing and inspecting fuel for contamination, various refueling methods and work with appropriate documentation.

What are the benefits of the Offshore Survival Courses to personnel, machinery operators and whole industry? In first knowledge that workers has main safety training and general awareness knowledge that results in a safer and cost effective workforce.

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    i am interested in the free survival e books.I AM CHANGING CAREERS and i need to get a heads up before get in the classroom for certification

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