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No matter where you live, serious emergency situations, various crisis or natural disasters like earthquakes can leave your home without electricity, fresh water and food from nearby supermarket anytime. Be prepared with basic emergency supplies like survival food kits, water and suitable clothes is a must for every household who think about their safety. None can live without basic supplies like food and if you face disaster without being prepared, even easy to solve emergency can turn into real tragedy as in first time you can rely on only on yourself – what you have and what you know.

There are various grab and go type survival food kits choices from different manufacturers, so many that often is hard to choose right one which fit your needs you best. To be sure that you have only eatables you need and like, do not have allergies or other problems with certain product, going trough each of the kit checklist would be time consuming and if this is a first time you think about your preparedness supplies, not effective as things from food list you could find very important, in real can be worth only if you really don’t have other choices.

How to find right one and don’t spend hard earned cash on survival food kit which you finally throw away in trash because they expire, got eaten by insects or just rotten because insufficient storage in improper place? Make your own! Yes, this is only right way to get most from your money and have possibility actually use your products in right way – rotate and eat them when they are still in good state. Commercial “all in one” food kits are great, just pay and you have everything packed in, sorted and ready to eat, but what happen if you do not need this food in emergency situation?

Spending from 3000 – 5000$ on one year full meals set for one person and finally throw this food to trash when expiration date is over or parts of it which you do not eat due some circumstances, would be for sure totally wrong, eating energy bars, military MRE’s or dry frozen food as your everyday meals are not a good idea if you have ability to cook and regular food supply with fresh products around are not problem, so planing your survival food rotation is a key to have everything on stock if disaster strikes and possibility to save money at this time, when everything around just become more expensive month after month.

Building your own survival food kit are not so hard task if you already have list of what you prefer to eat, if you do not have such list, write down for at least month what you buy for you and your family, categorize it and talk to your family about what they want add to it as an extra, it could give you some fresh ideas. Look for variety, you do not want eat same meal day after day, so variety in meals is a key. After list is complete, count how many of this products you may have for whole year supply, add about 20% for unforeseen situations and you are done with first part.

After your survival food list is ready, check local groceries, supermarkets and other places for your checklist items. Look for bulk quantity offers, they are always cheaper and you can buy more for same money, also check for expiration date, this is a must. If you are lucky enough to have any food processing factory near, go visit them and talk with manager, this is a very good chance afford food for extra low price, but expect buying more in this case as selling several cans of food direct from factory more likely didn’t work out. Check with your friends or trusted neighborhoods, maybe you can split with them if you are required to buy more then you need.

What food should be in your survival food kit? Split it in two main parts, one that require cooking and other that can be used without cooking or just minimal preparation like adding water. First part, that require cooking is various grains like whole grain and melted corn, rice, wheat, oats and other grain you actually eat. Grain is important and wealthy source of long lasting carbohydrates which are essential to your body and can be stored for years. Pressed vegetable or sunflower oil, vegetables like potatoes and other roots, smoked or salted meat also go into this list. With proper storage temperature and if prepared and stored right, this food can easily last for long, and with proper rotation you can always save money on same edibles as nothing become cheaper at this time.

Second part of this list are dedicated to food that are ready or almost ready to eat, like high energy food bars, military meals ready to eat, canned food and freeze dried food. As in first sight they looks like real deal, you should understand that rely only to this food can be mishit in case you have opportunity eat your everyday meals even when disaster strike hard. Freeze dried food is one of the best choices with extra long storage time and various choices of ready meals. Canned food has shorter live span, but with proper rotation you can easily have your stock always fresh. High energy food bars and MRE’s can be good addition to your regular supply, especially if you like go camping or want to have some survival food in your car. This is also good and portable solution for your individual bug out survival bag food section. Main rule there is, you need store food that you really consume to set up proper rotation. Do not live “in emergency” eating only “emergency food” or once in year or little more throwing away piles of “survival food” just to buy fresh for doing the same some years after.

Yes, if you haven’t any other choices even twice expired beans from rusty can can be your king of the meals, but with proper preparation to survive and live after disaster you should not require any need for external food, you must have everything on stock. Forget about “heroic” sharing last MRE with you comrades under cloud of nuclear waste, this is totally FAIL branch of your survival scenario, when everything go to hell around you, your main survival goal is survive first hit and later try to live like nothing happen, this is a true WIN. Of course we need comply that in time when disaster strike everything can happen but believe, knowing that at your safe place you can prepare tasty meal “like in good ol’ times”, give you a good boost to live and go trough even worst case scenarios. Check famous Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, have something in your stomach is on hierarchy lowest level, and as wee all know you can’t build solid house without proper and solid base.

Stay safe and be prepared!

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