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The Family Survival Course eBook Simply putting it that we do live in dangerous times would be an understatement. With all that temptations that we can now find everywhere, there are hard control our eyes what to watch, along with endless flood of all kinds of threats around; murder, stealing, drug dealing and most important lack of respect for each other. As much as a government may promise its citizens a high level of security against such events, believe me too much contribution must come from you as an individual in the end.

More so there are certain dangerous events which are above our control such as earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, which can only be avoided through learning how to act in such situations, know at least basics of self defense and most important taking the right precautions to do everything possible to avoid this risks. There are also long term issues associated with the kind of diets we partake every day, just remember the common saying, ‘you are what you eat’.

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Whether you are, just a guy who earn his hard earned cash by bare hands, white collar from top hi-tech stuffed office, farmer, teacher, pilot, or simply a wife or a husband, learning strategies on how to act in emergency situations require you to be properly equipped with the right knowledge and skills.
I’m sure that a lot of people have searched the internet for information and read various eBooks promising to provide essential necessary skills during crisis and emergency situations. There are many seen around, but the one most complete and really covering actual survival topics I ever found is The Family Survival Course eBook.

It has been written to help you survive through extremely harsh conditions through adapting simple working skills; planning in advance what to do in cases of emergency, preparing appropriately with the knowledge required as well as items, mastering right and immediate reaction to threats, and finally adapting long term skills to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

What the book is about

It is not a requirement for anyone to become an all around survival expert or hardcore prepper, in very most times what is needed is just the right and necessary skills to take you through dangerous situations. The Family Survival Course book prepares you adequately with knowledge and gives you what is really needed to help you remain strong, make right decisions through the harsh times. It has focused mainly on five essential areas for family survival, namely; food, affordable herbal medicine, water, energy and self defense. Let’s take a quick review about each of them.

Consuming the Right Food

A very crucial sector that the book takes you through is how to enhance your physical appearance through taking in the right kind of food. The twenty first century generation has come up with easily take away meals which do not take into account the beneficial sides of the customer. You must know that there are a lot of processed foods which come with excess unnecessary fats and salts.

Major illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure among others which result to early deaths are caused by intake of wrong diet. The Family Survival Course eBook to give you guidelines on how to remain healthy throughout, while at the same time considering your economic status and do not overpay for your healthy meals.

The book identifies more than forty nutritional foods where you can made different combination from them. Remember the foods are natural and thus you are promised of a healthy body, unlike what is resulted after consumption of ready-made foods. From the book steps you will learn easy ways to grow your own foods and most importantly how to store it safely for future usage.

A lot of positive reviews have been written regarding the useful methods of food storage that have been discussed. You must know the all these potential threats which can be in the places we believe are the best storage facilities. Know the various factors which can contaminate our foods leaving us without so important survival factor in time when we need them at most!

To ensure you remain healthy, the book has also gives a clue of how your daily diet should include. Healthy and simple recipes for foods such as white rice, corn meal, corn flour, non fat powdered milk, dried beans and white vinegar among others will give your family that energy to stand through tough crisis like floods, winter or just bad weather blockade, and especially hard economic times. And do not forget about savings, you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on over processed foods which will only result to poor health status for your loved family.

Fighting Illnesses Naturally

The Family Survival Course book will take you through practical steps on the cheapest way to obtain effective and easily available medicine for your ill family members. If you visited the chemist corner you are likely to find lots of drugs promising to restore back your health overnight. While that can be effective, it is important to consider the long term effects to your body.

Most drugs contain ingredients which have advance effects to your body. Going natural, treat illnesses with natural herbs and plants which come in different varieties for different occasions and live healthy life is the way to be prepared for anything. Not even talking about savings in your family budget which can be spend more effective way to your family well being.

Issue of Water

Clean water is essential for life. That is why it is crucial that we respect and protect our drinking water sources since safe drinking water is important for maintaining proper human health. The Family Survival Course book will take you through steps to make sure there is clean water available for usage to your loved ones.

A particular citizen’s government can participate in helpful projects to provide water for its population. However it is the individual’s effort to go an extra mile to ensure there is clean water so as to prevent water borne diseases such as cholera. More so the book gives practical and real life useful steps on the best way to store and clean your water.


A chance of losing your power in the event of natural or man made disaster is common to many people at this time. Imagine a case where there are intruders who have invaded your estate and at that crucial time when you require power the most, it suddenly goes off! Surely this is one area which you can take control of. The Family Survival Course guides you on simple practical steps on how to go about this.

Self Defense

Another area that has been given priority in The Family Survival Course book in order to give you that peace of mind in emergency situation is the home defense. In the event of wars, natural disasters or simple blackouts, all that people are concerned a most in first place is safety and their life, this is basic survival instincts, threaded into our life by many thousands of our ancestors genes.

Refrain yourself from cutting a life short abruptly as there are some methods given in the book to help you prepare in advance. To keep your home compound away from thugs or other intruders who may aim at harming your family, you can make various simple but very effective precautions to stop and recognize potential intruder actions.

If your home had been one of the intruders target and in the event of breakage they get no room or are detected in advance they are likely to proceed to the next homestead leaving you safe. Sounding good? A lot of various tactics are discussed in The Family Survival Course eBook.

As seen from above, The Family Survival Course book focuses on important tutorials covering all you need to learn about making it through during hard times. It is common knowledge that we are faced with all kinds of dangers; whether we are alerted about it in advance or no prior knowledge. This should not give you anxious moments at all.

Another Useful Package Available After Purchasing the Book

Going to that extra mile and purchasing this eBook does not only promise you of main contents in the book which are very crucial to help you deal with various emergencies and threats, but also the fact that the book comes with a quite useful additional materials to fulfill your survival library. They all worth to be print out and placed in your survival emergency go bag so you always have them by hand, so if in case of stressful situation you forgot something, they are always near.

One of the attractive packages is the practical Medical Emergency Survival eBook. We are always prone to emergency situations in our lives which occur in the event of carrying out our usual chores. Whether we are riding our bicycle, going shopping, taking our children to schools, and going hiking among others we are not safe from dangerous events which are not under our control. The Family Survival Course book has included this eBook with very useful information from how to take care of open wounds till dealing with intestinal parasites, along with information about really useful first aid kit.

Another good addition to your set of survival eBooks – Seasonal Survival, dealing with potential seasonal threats from flu till protecting your home at summer holidays. Learning this tactics can help you get you ready for any season and will save you much trouble by know how to be prepared!

Floods, wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and tough city survival are covered in another survival eBook included in this set. Survive Any Disaster deals with strategies how to survive, save your property and know the dangers of nature and man made disasters. Real plans, printable checklists to save your time, simple and proven steps to do things right when disaster strikes.

Prepare yourself psychologically in times of crisis and have clear mind are one of important things to have in your prepping baggage. You may have heard people who collapsed and passed on, lost their mind during occurrence of unexpected dangerous situations and do anything but nothing right to save himself and their family? No Stress During The Crisis dealing with psychological emergency preparedness, what are common stresses, how to overcome them, containing helpful tips and strategies how to deal with pain, thirst and dehydration, cold and heat, hunger, frustration, fatigue, sleep deprivation, isolation, insecurity, loss of self-esteem, loss of self-determination, depression, fear, anxiety, panic, hate, resentment, anger, impatience, dependence, loneliness, boredom, hopelessness. Huge list? But this can happen to anyone even without the beginning of the end of the world.

Think that self-sufficient is impossible these days? Everything need some start point, begin your journey to self-sufficient living in your own kitchen, healthy food and food consuming is one of the primary needs, that you do every day. Natural and healthy food preparation, time proven natural remedies which cost about nothing but can provide health and prosperity to our families. Homemade Food And Natural Remedies has outlined the great time proven methods and instructions on how to make healthy food to your beloved family, to ensure they remain healthy to stand through your whole life, including possible trying and hard times.

These are some of the handful bonuses that come with after purchasing The Family Survival Course eBook. As I already told before, I would recommend you to print them all out and have on some digital media, just place them in your emergency bug out bag to be sure that when disaster strikes, you have these useful info on hand.


Taking a step to find relevant on the internet on how well to prepare yourself for emergencies in life proves you really love your family and want to protect them from any external or internal harm. There are several books which have been on sale, whether online or offline, promising to provide you with the right kind of information on steps to take to ensure the security of your family is not compromised. Personally, till this time I have not found any book that can really provide one with an all round kind of information to keep your family safe.

The Family Survival Course Book which can be downloaded at members area, along with additional information is one which provides you real information obtained from personal experiences. In addition to this, the book provides step by step instructions on how to maintain the security level of your family. This is has been made possible through suggestion of methods which are very cheap and easily available ones so that in the long term you do not end up being cash stripped or neck deeper debts.

Methods such as use of herbal medicines prove to be one of the most efficient kinds of treatments, when compared to other drugs which may contain harmful chemicals, putting the lives of your loved ones at risk.

Homemade foods, as suggested in the available for download survival eBooks, serve a good information on not expensive and healthy foods for long term healthy living, do not play big international companies game giving them huge profits for unhealthy foods.

The book comes with instructions on how to keep your home safe from intruders by using cheap and easily available methods. It has also suggested methods to ensure there is constant homemade power throughout to ensure the compound is well lit so as to keep away thugs and you always has enough energy for your household needs.

In the event of terrorism attacks, the book has given guidelines to ensure you remain safe throughout, despite the undying efforts the government may employ to ensure you get security which may not be forthcoming at all. Suggested best weapon for self defense have been given and now all you need is to purchase the book to learn them theoretically and practically.

However, one could be well equipped with the skills and equipments but still not stand tall during SHTF situation! You ask why? Some simple mistakes made at emergency due unstable mental condition and you are out. Working methods and techniques are bundled into this info package to be safe also in this direction.

So far The Family Survival Course eBook, together with additional eBooks available at members area are the most complete REAL survival and emergency skills compilation need for real people like you, me, our families, families next door. Earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, “simple” flu or broken leg or snake bite at hiking trip are more real and be really prepared for it I suppose is most important then waiting for mystical zombies or aliens attack.

If you tired pick up small useful breadcrumbs in various survival forums, short and incomplete blueprints with outdated information laying around in world wide web, finally you are in right place, with just a few clicks away you have complete information for you and your family safety, a thing that is important to any man or woman concerned about safety at this unstable days.

Enhance your survival skills and knowledge now!

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