Winter Survival Recipes

You will never know when your winter car voyage to your friends, ice fishing, skiing or just one day outdoor wilderness trip can go wrong due various reasons and in some moments from just having fun you may face tough winter survival situation. Being exposed for harsh sub zero winter temperatures can radically decrease chances to survive if you do not know what to do or start panicking, hypothermia is a “merciful killer” number one (people who die from hypothermia fall asleep feeling themselves sleepy and false warm when body temperature actually go colder and colder) which depending on how low is temperature can take your life away in less the hour. Yes, this is scary, but there are a lot of people around who live almost all year long in sub zero temperatures and do their jobs and have fun without any doubts about their survival ability. Are they somehow different from us? Definitely no! They just know right winter live and survival recipes and follow it every day.

Winter survival recipes are simple to follow and anyone should know them as you never know when disaster strikes, as you more likely know previous years our climate changes even in territories, where none should expect not only sub zero temperatures, but also thing like snow. Read and remember main winter survival recipes and talk about this recipes with your family, friends and co-workers, possibly that in emergency situation they remember your hints and that information save their life.

Warm winter clothes
Always wear appropriate clothes, a golden rule is that’s better to have something to put off, then having less then you need. Most of winter emergency situations happen when people thoughtlessly think about their clothing layer and when unexpected situation strike, their face that planned trip to mall which usually take five minutes outside while waring light sweater only, suddenly become into crazy winter survival within wrecked car in the middle of nowhere at 2 AM. So clothing is a must, also if you driving a car it’s a clever choice put some additional blankets or extra layer of winter clothes into your car trunk, pack it in into some box and better take this box out from your car in the spring time then die from hypothermia in winter.

Fire and warmth, avoiding hypothermia
Fire starting tools, thermos with tea or coffee in your bag, some tea candles or if possible bigger long lasting candles together with some packs of chemical heaters would make your survival task easier in case of emergency, most of them easy fit into your bag or outerwear pockets and can actually save your live in combination with moving and not letting yourself just sit down and wait for some miracle to come.

Food and water in sub zero temperatures
Have high calorie food in your bag or pockets, as soon you think that something go wrong eat it as soon as possible, you need energy for your body and mind, energy means movement and movement in winter means life. Plan your ration in case of longer emergency situation, but remember that you need good initial energy boost, so always have something like high energy bars, high calorie chocolate with nuts and so on. I suggest check your local sport equipment shop and look for energy bars with mix of high proteins, vitamins and other nutrients for extreme workout.

This is wrong to think that body dehydration can happen in hot climate only, winter with sub zero temperature require no less water then in hot summer. With breath water leave your body fast, so do not forget about good source of liquid for your water supply. If possible have additional hot or at least warm liquid like tea or coffee, it’s always better get some additional warmth. Do not rely on drinking water, melted from snow, boiling snow into water take time and additional heat source is required, it’s OK to have some portable kettle in your survival kit to cook hot food and boil water for hot beverages while longer emergencies, but in first time you need reliable water source.

Winter shelter
Basically you need something to stay behind to save you from cold winter winds and low temperature, this can be tent square, snow wall, leeside of trees or bushes, pile of brushes or combination of them all, you should know that even mild sub zero temperature in combination with wind chill out your body fast, so find your cover as soon as possible. If you are in car, you can try heat it up with candle or just use it as temporary shelter, do not forget leave small opening for ventilation, this is a must!

Basic survival kit
There are loads of different basic survival kits checklists around, main recommendations are the same. You need light, LED lights lasts long and chem lights sticks are cheap and useful for various tasks. For your information, chemical reaction in chem lights sticks are longer and expose less light in lower temperatures, same for batteries, they tend to discharge faster in sub zero, so good place for your spare power sources is closer to body or any other heat source. Good roll with paracord or other strong rope for various tasks, customized for your own needs first aid kit, knife and multi tool, portable axe and saw if you driving car and of course rugged snow spade and good quality fordable or small size spade for digging out your car or cleaning path.

Some broad recipes on winter survival. Have your phone or radio battery charged and your communication device placed near your body to save battery charge. If your even think that you may have any emergency situation on road, while traveling or hiking, immediately call your relatives and told them where you are and how they can find you. If you have choice do not go outside in extreme cold or blizzard, better stay at home, why take unneeded risk? Better wait and decrease your chances of getting into trouble. Avoid any alcohol and medicines which can affect your mind and possibility to take right decisions, everyone know and can told a story about person who die in winter while being drunk, don’t become into “one of them”.

If you are in your car, remember about exhaust and carbon monoxide, make sure that your car exhaust tube are free of trash and snow and nothing come into your car cabin, become unconscious from carbon monoxide can happen just in time of one minute, one moment you feel yourself fine, several seconds later you are unconscious, some minutes later – you are dead. Do not use your car engine for heating, make fire from roadside debris, gasoline, everything that can burn. On blizzard use rope to do any task outside your car, loosing orientation on nervous emergency situation and do not find way back to your car are not rare case.

Do not panic! Again, do not panic! Any situation with panic “sauce” always become just worse, wrong decisions are taken and easy solutions are just forgotten, so do not panic!

That’s all, main winter survival recipes are simple, just think, be calm, follow rules made by centuries of actual people, stay safe and be prepared!

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